On July 1st, Apple will turn on the new iAD advertising platform that it has been promoting for months.  While the launch of a new way to deliver ads may not sound that exciting on the surface, this has the potential of reinvigorating application developers for a few key reasons, and it may even get users excited about ads (at least for a while.)

Advertising has become a staple of applications on all mobile platforms as they are the easiest way for someone to release a free app but still get some sort of reward for their time and effort.  As Steve Jobs pointed out in the above video however, current mobile ads are quite frankly boring.  You click them, you go out to the browser, and you usually discover it just wasn't worth your time.  Going out to the browser is probably one of the biggest key issues because what developer really wants you to leave their application?  The new iAD platform will change all of this, and could get iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad developers far more excited about the prospect of releasing free apps than we have seen them in some time.

iAD logoI think there are three key aspects that will drive developers to the new platform, and that is afore mentioned lack of having to leave the app, the fact that no third party processing will be required and also that the ads should be of a higher quality. Who doesn't want to remove a step from their job? With iAD, it's part of the new iOS 4, so it's all built in right there and it's ready to go.

As for the quality of the ads, in my current array of free apps I have on my devices, I see a lot of ads that just simply don't interest me. With Apple being such a large and well-known brand, they are going to be able to negotiate better deals with far more interesting brands. The better known the brand, the more chance that the person will click on the advertisement, and the more money the developer will make.

The new platform is going to have a ways to go to prove itself, but once it does so, it could go a long way in bring some more quality applications into the realm of being free for the iOS devices. If it is seen making more money for people, the higher the likability that developers will be to give it a try, and while we may not like being blasted with ads, if it means more apps we don't have to pay for, won't it be worth it?

What say you? Do you think iAD will have any impact on what we see in the App Store?

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