We’ve been promised a beautiful future of self-driving cars, seamless payment solutions, and wearable technology. But what happens when we leave reality and let that technology define us? According to this new short film, Hyper-Reality, our future is going to be a dizzying barrage of animations and blinding colors. Please, let’s not let this happen.

The video proposes what life could be life if pursuits like Google Glass take over our lives. In addition to the conveniences of real-time translations and way-point directions, humanity could be faced with a truly grim future in which the digital world is virtually indistinguishable from reality. Ads are everywhere, and animated trees are placed in open spaces, only to be replaced by warnings of traffic.

Of course, augmented reality will probably be a lot less frightening than this video suggests. But let this be a cautionary tale for all of us. Our dystopian future might not be all that far away.