Everywhere we go we're surrounded by smartphones. Faces are often down, placid, attentions occupied by tiny little rectangular screens. And as this video perfectly demonstrates, our obsessive need to always be connected actually disconnects us from what's actually taking place: a night out with friends, in bed with our significant other, celebrating someone's birthday. It's terrible and true—and it'll never stop. We probably don't want it to.

The video, titled I Forgot My Phone, shows a woman going about her typical life—but without a smartphone permanently attached to her hand. Her friends, however, are constantly looking down at their devices, or otherwise snapping awkward selfies. The depressing thing is that this video doesn't exaggerate the situations all that much; if at any moment you felt uncomfortable watching, chances are you're guilty of this kind of crazy smartphone behavior. I am.

We've gotten so bad that going any significant amount of time without a smartphone is physically and emotionally difficult, and we know it. And if it's not a smartphone, it's a computer, or tablet, or TV. But we can never get enough—good thing something like Google Glass exists.