The moment I realized I really dug I Expect You to Die‘s approach to virtual reality gaming was the moment I exploded while sitting in the front seat of a super villain’s car. The developers at Schell Games likely agree.

See, I was trying to escape this car, armed only with my wit, my hands and the ability to grab and manipulate objects in the virtual space around me.

I reached up to the mirror above me, staring at the car’s key as it sat hanging over the visor’s edge. I grabbed it, the visor dropped down and a retina scanner started up. As I was a spy and not the nefarious Dr. Zorr, owner of the car, the retina scanner’s trap laser warmed up to burn a hole through my face. I quickly held up a card and deflected the beam.

Noticing that the beam failed and I was, in fact, still alive, the car dropped a bomb on the floor in front of me. Great, a bomb, while I’m trapped in the front seat of this car, in the cargo hold of an airplane, 30,000 feet above the surface of the Earth. What could possibly go wrong?

I reached down, grabbed the bomb and set it in my lap. It was a set of three sticks of dynamite strapped together, along with three wires and a detonator. I looked around the car and so a pamphlet that offered instructions for arming a bomb. I followed the instructions in reverse, disarmed the bomb and set it in the backseat. Back to escaping.

I opened a small cubby to the left side of the steering wheel and found a cigar and a lighter. “Why not?,” I figured. I lit the lighter with one hand, took the cigar in the other and watched as it started to smoke.

Still very much stuck in the car despite the glorious stoagie action before me, I decided this was a waste of time. I set the lighter down and tossed the cigar into the back seat.

This is something a spy would never do, my friends. The still smoking cigar lit one of the stray sticks of dynamite on fire. I heard that obvious sizzle and ducked, hoping maybe the game would know.

It didn’t matter. I exploded. Hooray.

I Expect You to Die is an Oculus game where immersion is the top priority. The developers are trying to make sure that whatever each player wants to do with the world around them, they can. If you want to light a cigar, you can. If you want to open a bottle of champagne and pour it into a waiting flute, you can do that, too.

Immersion is key, and I Expect You to Die pulls it off well. The game doesn’t have a release date yet, but the developers are aiming to put it out sometime during the second half of 2016.