I still think it’s weird that Square Enix is giving the Nintendo Switch priority when it comes to I Am Setsuna’s online component, but there has to be a reason behind it. Square Enix has confirmed that its exclusive Temporal Battle Arena will be released in April, giving players plenty of time to enjoy the single player campaign before they take their teams online.

The Temporal Battle Arena will bring an online versus mode to the classically stylized JRPG, and players will be able to try out their builds against one another. The arena makes itself available at a yet unknown part of the game, and from there, players will have access to all of its different modes.

Square Enix has not stated if this Temporal Battle Arena DLC will come to the PlayStation 4 or PC versions of the game yet.

Infinite combinations and heavy reliance on equipment

Those who have played I Am Setsuna know that the game provides a nearly infinite number of ways to improve abilities’ strengths and side-effects. The crazy range of possibilities is sure to inspire those who love the game to find the best and most winning combinations.

From there, it comes down to equipment and how well the player has decked out their characters. If you thought Pokémon provided a deep, thoughtful turn-based online experience, well, I Am Setsuna is about to show you a whole new realm of depth.

I Am Setsuna is available now on the PlayStation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.