I Am Setsuna developer Tokyo RPG Factory is struggling after its excellent, Square Enix-backed JRPG failed to find an audience in Japan. The company’s financial reports show a 244 million yen loss (~$2.41 million) after being posted in the Official Gazette in Japan.

In Japan, the game sold 33,629 copies on the PlayStation 4 and 27,994 copies on the PS Vita during its opening week, which, while impressive for what is essentially an original IP indie game, is mere pennies for a mega-corporation like Square Enix.

It remains to be seen how well the game sold in North America, and I have a feeling it will actually do better here. These kind of retro throwbacks to classic series tend to do better with the North American nostalgic fans than they do with the Japanese ones.

Tokyo RPG Factory is a new studio founded by Square Enix that’s dedicated to developing “classic” style JRPGs. Hopefully, Square Enix will see that this venture has promise in at least creating goodwill in its fanbase and will allow the studio to explore its potential even more with another chance.

It’ll be tough to convince Square Enix that classic JRPGs are a good thing if nobody buys them.