Ever since its Early Access release, I’ve toyed around with I Am Bread a few times a week just for a laugh. This is currently a PC game, and it’s from Bossa Studios. Bossa, if you’re a little on the outside of gaming, created the outstanding and ridiculous Surgeon Simulator.

Well, in a press release fired our way yesterday afternoon, we got word that I Am Bread is now bound for the iOS platform. It won’t be a reduced crumb of the main game, but a full version with all of the features on the Early Access edition.

I Am Bread, in case you’re completely unfamiliar with this thing, is a game that features one slice of bread’s quest to become toast. You move the bread by working its corners, grabbing onto things, holding for as long as your stamina allows and watching out for dirt and muck. Stay as edible as possible in order to beat the levels.

In addition to the iOS version’s news, we have screenshots for the new garage area and the Cheese Hunt mode starring Crispbread. Don’t worry about it.

I Am Bread is a silly affair, and iOS gamers should look forward to its eventual launch.