Oh, the simple joys of being a nerd. Today is May the 4th, and every back alley sect and corner of the Internet is celebrating Star Wars in its own nerdy ways. Indie developers over at Bossa Studios want you to celebrate by playing their hit physics game I Am Bread with a special free update called Starch Wars.

Well, it’s not really a physics based expansion, is it? While the main campaign tasks fans with evenly toasting both sides of a piece of bread, this goofy Starch Wars expansion recasts the bread as an A-Wing fighter who knows a few maneuvers.

Seriously, watch the trailer. A slice of wholewheat soars through the stars, blasting TIE Fighters made from Cheerios, graham crackers, and saltines right out of the sky.

Plus, the Star Destroyers are made from ironing boards. This is all just a little bit too silly.

The update is available now for anyone who owns the game, be it through Steam or a straight DRM free release. Be sure to download it now and laugh it up, fuzzball!