Car makers tend to run wild with their concepts. It offers engineers a blank canvass to thrust upon the myriad of ideas that run through their minds. Hyundai did just that with its newest Le Fil Rogue concept it unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show. Franky, it looks like something Bruce Wayne would drive in his spare time.

Hyundai has been busy building up its reputation over the past couple years with modern designs, visual cues and striking ideas. The Le Fil Rogue checks each of those boxes, starting with the name. It means “the common thread.” The on-the-nose meaning outlines Hyundai’s vision for its cars: to contain a striking characteristic, or common thread if you will, across all of its cars.

There’s nothing normal about the Le Fil Rogue. Starting with the far-reaching grille that envelopes the front of the car, it’s menacing, futuristic and ridiculous. Yet that’s what make it so eye catching. Hyundai is calling it the “Cascading Grille.”

The rest of the design carries the same chutzpah. Outlining the hood are two giant creases, seamless lines connect the front fenders to the back, and the panoramic sunroof is accentuated with a black scheme that makes it look as if it runs all the way to the rear spoiler. Hyundai carried this inside with a futuristic design of displays, minimalist finishes and lots of wood trim. It’s also ripe for autonomous driving, if Hyundai ever incorporates that technology into the car.

Before you get too excited about the Le Fil Rogue, know this is a concept through and through. It doesn’t even have headlights. However, Hyundai is sure to borrow many elements for this canvas in its future cars. And there’s still the off chance Hyundai mass produces the Le Fil Rogue in the future. Wouldn’t that be something?