Hyundai is finally jumping into the subcompact SUV market with its newly announced Kona. The car will take on the Honda HR-V and Jeep Renegade with a sleek design that includes a crazy front headlight finish.

Within the Hyundai family of SUVs, the Kona will fall underneath the Tucson and the Santa Fe. The former seats five while the latter takes up to seven people. The Kona will fit five tightly and four comfortably. Hyundai didn’t get into specifications of the Kona, such as motor size, pricing or availability, but it did release some moody images that show off its daring design.

The front headlights feature an all-LED set-up that looks eerily similar to what’s found in the Nissan Juke and Jeep Cherokee. Those cars, and now the Kona, feature the unorthodox design of two separate compartments that house the LEDs and main lights. Using dimly lit images to accent the lights with a smoke effect, the Kona looks menacing.

Aside from the lights, the Kona sports a burnt orange paint job that really pops in the photos. Hyundai seems to have outfitted it with revamped 19-inch wheels that look like an evolutionary design from the ones found on the Sport and Limited Tucson models.

Pricing for the Kona wasn’t announced, but if it falls in the same category as the Renegade and HR-V, it’ll likely range between $17,995 and $19,465 which is where those vehicles start off at. That appears to be the sweet spot for crossover vehicles.

We’ll find out more details overthe coming months as the Kona is expected to arrive in the U.S. some time in 2018 after it makes its way to Europe.