A new report out of South Korea claims Hyundai will unveil its first self-driving car next month, a move that's part of the automaker's plans to bring autonomous functions to more of its vehicles by 2020. According to Yonhap, Hyundai is integrating its Highway Driving Assist (HDA) system into the Genesis luxury sedan, with plans to make the technology available to drivers in South Korea.

Hyundai's HDA system is designed to complement a driver's abilities behind the wheel, not necessarily takeover completely; the system will allow the Genesis to stay within its lane, as well as keep a safe distance from the car ahead. The onboard nav system will also provide warnings based on the maximum and minimum speeds on major highways.

Earlier this year, Hyundai revealed plans to bring semiautonomous features to the Equus, targeting drivers here in the U.S. and in South Korea. When its plans were announced, Hyundai also detailed a traffic jam assistance feature, which was designed for commuters in major cities.

Autonomy in the auto industry has become a big area of interest over the past few years. Google has been hot on the trail of completely autonomous vehicles, while Tesla recently released an update that introduces some autonomous driving functions. Tesla's implementation, however, is only supplemental to the driving experience, and isn't designed to completely give passengers in the car freedom to do whatever they want.

Automakers are clearly making major strides toward a future of autonomous vehicles. We'll see next month what Hyundai has planned, and hopefully by the 2020s actually needing to put your hands on the wheel and foot on the gas pedal will be a thing of the past.