Kiss you car keys goodbye. Hyundai finally released its Blue Link smartwatch app for Android Wear on Wednesday after teasing the new feature earlier this year at CES 2015.

The app, which is available now through Google Play, pretty much does everything your car keys could do, and sometimes more. From a distance, you can start and stop the car, control the door locks, and even activate the horn and lights. You can also use your Android Wear device to find the car, and even call roadside assistance or Blue Link for help.

Of course, you can already do a lot of the same things with the Blue Link app for your smartphone, but putting the same capabilities on your wrist makes things even easier. For example, what if you’re walking back to the car with an arm full of groceries? Fishing your phone from your pocket could be tricky, but simply speaking a command into your wrist will be a lot easier.

The updated app should work with any Blue Link-supported car from Hyundai. That includes most of the company’s lineup from 2013 and earlier, starting with the 2012 Sonata. To get started just head to Google Play via the source link below and download the app for Android Wear.