Because one new Hyrule Warriors trailer a day just simply is not enough, Nintendo and Tecmo Koei have three for your viewing pleasure this time. When is enough ever going to be enough, Nintendo? “When we run out of awesome content to show off,” the wind replies.

The first trailer shows off Hyrule Warriors‘ original creation Lana. Koei Tecmo labels her as a white witch, but its going to take a lot to convince me she’s not a J-Pop idol trapped in the Legend of Zelda universe. As hinted by the batch of screenshots from two weeks ago, Lana controls the powers of the Ocarina of Time‘s Deku Tree, who has mysteriously arisen from the grave once again to aid on the side of good.

Lana already succeeds as a fighter for finding some use for the legendarily awful Deku Stick. Traditionally, Link just used these expendable items for lighting torches, and only in limited amounts did they ever see actual combat when they would break after a single attack. Lana, though, blasts and bashes her way through enemies for some hard hitting melee hits and leafy and icy elemental attacks.

Also included in her arsenal of Deku Tree themed weapons, Lana can whip out the single greatest Legend of Zelda item of all, The Wind Waker‘s Deku Leaf, and use it to glide over enemies and crash down upon them in a grand explosion of morning dew. Deku Sprouts, offspring of the Deku Tree, can also be summoned into battle where they will trounce all over enemy squadrons or just blow them away with rapid fire Deku Nuts.

I wonder what kind of deal Lana pulled off with the Deku Tree to score these kinds of powers.

The second and third trailers star Link and Zelda, but they focus more on the DLC costumes that will be available rather than a new weapon or moveset. I’m already pretty convinced that this incarnation of Link and his pretty-boy blue scarf perfectly suit the irreverent approach to the game’s canon.

For those who want even more of a nostalgia trip though, both Link and Zelda will each have three additional costumes available for purchase: one from the traditional Ocarina of Time, one from the dark and brooding Twilight Princess, and one from the light-hearted Skyward Sword.

Hyrule Warriors will be released exclusively for the Wii U on Sept. 26.

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