We close out the week with another Hyrule Warriors weapon trailer starring the game’s second announced character, Impa. The Captain of Hyrule Castle’s guards doesn’t only bring her impressive long sword into battle, sometimes opting to go for even more range with a new spear.

I thought Hyrule Warriors was losing a bit of its “wow” factor after trailer after trailer was making me feel a little numb to it all, but I have to say that this weapon actually made be drop a verbal “wow” when watching it. Impa goes to town on the helpless moblins foolishly charging her head on while armed with this weapon.

Her counter combos are relentless, never once breaking stride into her final attacks which include both a massive explosion and a hellish fury in which a hexagon of spears rise from the ground and slice any enemy unfortunate enough to be trapped within. Such a technique makes me wonder who Impa’s real master is.

She closes out the trailer taking on the iconic Gohma from the original NES game. Traditionally, the best way to destroy this enemy is to fire an arrow into his exposed eyeball for a one hit kill. However, Impa doesn’t care for such an easy task, and instead dodges his deadly eye lasers and jams he spear right into the foul beasts weak spot.

Ugh, show off.

Impa just got a whole new resurgence of cool with a weapon and combo style often reserved for the SoulCalibur games. Not bad for a character who used to look like this.

Legend of Zelda

Man, I do miss the 80’s and 90’s. Link seriously needs to dawn that tunic in the game, but my guess is we’ll be checking in with Lana again next as she appeared in the recent batch of screenshots with the boomerang. Be sure to check in on Monday at 8 p.m. PT for the Hyrule Warriors‘ themed Nintendo Direct presentation.

A new announcement on the game’s official Japanese Twitter account has also confirmed that the game will only feature local multiplayer. No online co-op to be found in this game, and online features will be available in a limited capacity. Oh Nintendo…

Sept. 26 can’t come fast enough for Hyrule Warriors  to be released on the Wii U.

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