Hyrule Warrior‘s latest gameplay trailer features Lana, the White Witch, the only original addition among the playable characters. She was drawn and made up for this game and this game alone.

I have a few reservations about her design, mostly because she looks a little too much like she’s from a “kawaii” Japanese girl band and not enough like she’s from the Zelda universe. Such outlandish outfits have rarely been seen in the generally low-key and Earth-toned land of Hyrule.

Compared to the artwork from one of those Japanese idol games, it’s not too hard to see what crowd Tecmo Koei and Nintendo are aiming for with her.

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Perhaps that’s just it. She’s simply not of the Zelda universe and was teleported directly in from Akihabara via magic spell. That would explain her over-the-top costume, and it would certainly explain why she has never appeared anywhere in the canon before.

What it does not account for is her interesting form of magic. Not saying that they don’t exist, but I’ve never seen a Japanese pop-idol drop massive white blocks in crowds of people and shred them to bloody pieces with shrapnel. Those monoliths are definitely a cool power to have, and I bet Link wishes he could have employed their use in a few block puzzles over the years.

Another Hyrule Warriors trailer, another tough female lead. Who is the best looking character so far? Expect to find out when the game is fully released on Wii U on Sept. 26.

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