We all know Sheik by now. She is the mysterious shrouded figure who aids Link during his adult years in Ocarina of Time. We’ve also seen her take down Mario, Samus and even Ganondorf in the Super Smash Bros. games, but never did we really see her go head to head with Hyrule’s forces of evil.

How did she survive all on her own for those years while Link was locked away in the Temple of Time?

Easily! She rocks a ninja arsenal that would make all of video gaming’s great ninjas blush with shame. Using an extensive collection of knives, Sheik can slash dozens of enemies with a single swipe and cause huge shockwaves through the air, scattering them in hundreds of directions. Don’t even bother trying to grasp the physics behind that one.

When not relying on her blades, Sheik also comes equipped with the harp she uses to teach Link tunes on his ocarina. In Hyrule Warriors, it’s a much more offensive weapon with the ability to create destructive AoE traps and summon waterspouts and explosions. Okay, seriously? What is it about tornadoes in this game? Every character can summon one.

Weapons and attacks aside, Sheik also sports an extreme running speed, allowing her to blaze through levels and long hallways. When controlling her, there is never a down moment. You’ll find the action long before it can find you.

Sheik is an exciting character in this increasingly strong line-up and the star of Ocarina of Time’s trio. It seems a natural fit that the team making this game also was responsible for the Ninja Gaiden games. My guess is we will see a gameplay trailer with a few new weapons from Impa and Lana, but once those are finished, where will Hyrule Warriors sweep us off to next? Will Ganondorf make an appearance, or will we jump to Majora’s Mask or Link to the Past?

Hyrule Warriors will be released exclusively for the Wii U on Sept. 26.

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