By its very nature, a Fire Rod is just an awesome weapon. I mean, it’s a stick which shoots fire from the tip! It can burn enemies to a crisp or be used to simply light a room. What more could any adventurer want?

Well, Hyrule Warriors knows. In a further attempt to inject as many steroids into the classic Legend of Zelda series as possible, this latest iteration of the Fire Rod is the ultimate weapon. I mean, who needs a sword when you can make flames erupt from the ground, launch six columns of flame-throwing goodness, create flaming cyclones, rain meteors from the sky, and even emit deadly precise purple lasers?

And if that doesn’t work, it’s a melee weapon that can bonk enemies on the head.

I’m sorry, but I can’t do this weapon any justice. Just check out the trailer on your own.

In other news, Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has confirmed two new characters that will join the roster. One is Princess Agitha, the Princess of Bugs from The Twilight Princess. I can imagine what her special moves look like. The other is a brand new character named Lana, unless of course Nintendo wants to address the heroine from Captain N: The Game Master.

Actually, we’ve already seen her, we just didn’t know who see was yet. One purple-clad female character on the Japanese box art, though, has gone addressed.

Hyrule Warriors - 1

What’s more striking is that Link is the only dude in this line-up so far. With all the buzz about a lack of strong female characters in video games, Hyrule Warriors is a game that has nothing but tough women of all shapes and mindsets. The brustish Impa, the frail Agitha, the mysterious Lana, and the impish Midna. All ladies, all going to kick a lot of butt in this game.

We can’t forget the titular Princess Zelda either, who is far more fascinating on the front lines as opposed to being a damsel who must be rescued in each adventure. Even the lead villain is female! No more Ganondorf!

I wonder if we will be seeing any other guys in the coming announcements. Maybe Bagu or Error?

Hyrule Warriors will be released on Sept. 26 for the Wii U.

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