Hyrule Warriors, the crazy blend of The Legend of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors that our own Ron Duwell has been covering like the devil since its announcement, is almost upon us here in North America. The release date for the Wii U title is Sept. 26.

When that day hits, those looking for a little bit more of a challenge from their game should make sure to apply the free day one patch.

Last Friday, during Nintendo’s lengthy Twitch broadcast, the company revealed that Hyrule Warriors would see a day one content update that brings Challenge Mode. This is the main campaign that’s just been made a whole lot more difficult. These Warriors games are meant to be replayable, and the fresh Challenge Mode should bring some of that action around for the newest entry.

We’ll have our review of Hyrule Warriors live soon, so stay tuned for that. Anyone looking forward to tackling Challenge Mode?

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