I would be lying if I didn’t walk away from E3 with a lot of Hyrule Warriors on the brain. I’m especially pleased to see Legend of Zelda fans give such a warm reception to it as well seeing how typically the group demands nothing but the utmost seriousness and reverence for the classic series.

Nintendo granted us 38 more screenshots after E3 closed its doors last week, and each one only sells the game more and more. Zelda makes plenty of appearances as a playable character this time around. Isn’t she supposed to be captured, though?

Also along for more fun are Link and Impa. We’ve already seen a great deal of footage on them, but there never seems to be enough when it comes to Hyrule Warriors. In the gameplay video, fast-forward to the 1:08 mark for the most horrific sound-bit in gaming. Oh yeah, Nintendo went there.

Nintendo announced a brand new proper Legend of Zelda game this year at E3, and it makes me wonder if this Hyrule Warriors is only supposed to be a hold-over until the real thing gets released. There is no substitute for The Legend of Zelda, but Nintendo has what could be one of the surprise hits of the year on its hands. Zelda fans are starving for something, meaning this unlikely combination of series just might be insane enough to work.

Let’s just hope Tecmo Koei can pull it off, and Nintendo sets the price right. Hyrule Warriors will be released for  the Wii U on September 23rd.