Happy Monday! You know what that means! Another predictable trailer from the camp of Hyrule Warriors! Seriously Nintendo, we get it. This game exists, and you want us to buy it. Anymore startling revelations?

This time around, we get a look at Darunia, chief of a tribe of Gorons who reside at the base of Mount Doom. As Link’s “Sworn Brother,” he is obligated to aid the hero in battle whenever needed, and trust us when we say he is an ally you’ll definitely want in your corner.

It goes without saying that his defining feature is his size. Darunia towers over the rest of the Hyrule Warriors cast, and his muscles are second to none. He can lift the enormous Megaton Hammer and bring its flaming head down hard on unfortunate enemies below without breaking a sweat.

All the same, Darunia definitely has the power to make his enemies feel the heat. Controlling both the powers of earth and fire, he can charge his body up to extreme temperatures and launch waves of crumbling earth and fire through the ground. You wouldn’t want to be stuck under his rock hard shell either when it comes crashing down from the sky.

He’s a character so massively powerful that even the game shakes in fear each time his hammer drops. Seriously though, this is the first trailer I’ve seen any slowdown in. Will Darunia’s power be a game breaker?

With Princess Ruto and Darunia’s trailer both out of the way, we now have a clear path towards the highlight of the latest wave of characters, Sheik. Will her trailer be available tomorrow? We’ll have to wait and find out!

Hyrule Warriors will be released exclusively for the Wii U on Sept. 26.

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