The Koei Tecmo official Japanese YouTube account has let loose early news of a new version of Hyrule Warriors. The musou game previously only for the Wii U has been announced for the Nintendo 3DS. This might have been an unintentional leak as the clip is unlisted, though not private, so hopefully it’s up when you’re reading this. We grabbed a few screenshots of the trailer below in case.

And of course it’s coming with new characters. Only two were announced by the reveal trailer, but we’re pumped for them. We have Tetra from Wind Waker and the King of Lions. Yes, obviously the king can turn into a boat during combat. That’s a no-brainer.

We have no news regarding the western localization of this game, though Hyrule Warriors certainly sold well enough on the Wii U for Nintendo of America and Europe to push for the 3DS version. I imagine we’ll hear more at E3 next week.

For now, it’s cool knowing that this port exists. Will you double-dip? Or, will this be your entry point?