Hyrule Warriors has been a bit divisive with Zelda fans with some loving it and others hating it. Nintendo clearly loves it, because it has made them a ton of money, so much so that it is porting the game to the much more popular Nintendo 3DS console. Unlike Nintendo, I wasn’t too big on the title when it first launched, and sadly, I don’t think the Nintendo 3DS version will change my mind.

It’s nearly the same game with a few minor tweaks, worse graphics, and the benefit of being playable anywhere.

The general formula hasn’t changed all that much. Link and friends are dropped onto a battlefield, and they complete objectives while wrestling control of the map from thousands of hordes of enemies. Slash mobs, kill their bosses, explore a few back areas, secure a base, repeat.

If you are already a fan, you know the drill. Tetra and Toon Link are a nice addition to the team, but the big question is, “How does it run on the limited power of the Nintendo 3DS?” Actually, you only need look at the relationship between Super Smash Bros. on the Wii U and its 3DS little brother. The handheld can’t possibly put out the same graphics as the console, so to make up for the lack of detail, the game adds little black borders to help out with the presentation.

Hyrule Warriors does the same thing, black borders around dirtier character models, and it works to an extent. I’m more surprised with the technical side of the graphics and with how many characters the Nintendo 3DS screen can hold at once. Who would have thought the Nintendo 3DS was packing that much horsepower. Good enough for a handheld, naturally worse than the Wii U’s.

I didn’t play it long enough to see if the checkpoint issues that broke the console version are still there or not. However, I can’t talk too badly about Musou games because I haven’t learned my lesson and will be picking up Dragon Quest Heroes next month.

Specifically, Hyrule Warriors has already run its course for me. You’ll like this version if you’re already a fan, though.