If you want to play Hyrule Warriors Legends in 3D when it hits in early 2016, you might need a New 3DS. As in, the New Nintendo 3DS.

The game’s producer, Hayashi Yosuke, spoke to Japanese gaming site 4Gamer at the Tokyo Game Show and explained that, in short, there’s simply too much going on in the game to have the 3D aspect also work on the regular, vanilla 3DS. To get all the enemies on-screen required of a Warriors-style game at the level of visuals the team wanted, the stereoscopic 3D abilities of the 3DS had to be left off on the standard system. The New 3DS, on the other hand, has more power and can accommodate the 3D.

There hasn’t been much reason yet to pick up a New 3DS for those that already own the original. I’m not sure this is a big reason, but it’s a feather in a pretty empty cap. Including Hyrule Warriors Legends, the list now is the remake of the Wii title Xenoblade ChroniclesHyrule Warriors Legends, and built-in support for Nintendo’s popular amiibo toy line.

The box art will surely note this, but it’s likely the text will be pretty small, and could result in a few disappointed buyers. Anecdotally, most 3DS owners I know turn the 3D effect off unless a game absolutely requires it. What about you? Do you play with the 3D effects on or off? Jump in the comments and let us know.

Hyrule Warriors Legends hits 3DS in early 2016.