Nintendo had a lot to show off during its Nindies presentation this week. The platform is already dominating the indie market as the preferred platform for many developers, and everybody wants a slice of that pie.

With that, let's just jump into the big announcements made during the presentation.

The biggest question on every indie fan's mind going into the show was wondering if we'd get a release date for the highly-anticipated release of the indie masterpiece Hyper Light Drifter.

We walked away pleased with a release date just next week! On Sept. 6, you'll finally be able to play this game anywhere you want on Nintendo's hybrid console/handheld. Not only that, the Nintendo version will contain exclusive items and a new outfit designed to help players find especially tricky secrets.

Cant wait! Number 1 on my list!

A surprise announcement, though it should not have been. Supergiant Games' two ultra-popular indie hits Bastion and Transistor will both be coming to the Switch.

Bastion and the silky smooth vocals of the narrator, Rucks, will be available for purchase on Sept. 13, and Transistor won't be available until November. Plenty of time in between to clear out the indie backlog.

An interesting announcement, despite how much I want to throttle the voice behind the trailer. Levelhead is basically Super Mario Makebut without Mario. Strange how Nintendo would allow this to be published in direct competition to its game.

A possible sign that Nintendo has no intention of bringing Super Mario Maker to the Switch? It did get a lot of heat for its draconian reaction to the community around the game.

At any rate, build you own levels in Levelhead in November.

A reportedly – I've never played it – brilliant mech strategy game from the minds behind FTL: Faster Than Light. It's available today for the Nintendo Switch at the price of $14.99.

Surprise sequel to a popular platform brawler. Samurai Gunn 2 adds a story mode with co-op gameplay, but it still retains those melee attacks that feel oh-so satisfying. The game launches for the Nintendo Switch in early 2019.

The latest from our friends at Inti Creates, the developers behind Azure Striker Gunvolt, Blaster Master Zero, and a good many modern Mega Man games. Unlike its typical hardcore action platforming releases, this game looks more like a slower paced action RPG with multiple classes and characters to master.

It will be available on the Switch for on Dec. 13.

Not quite sure what this is. It looks like Animal Crossing with an indie, non-copyright infringement vibe to it. Still, it's quirky enough to garner a look when it comes out in early 2019.

The popular pixelated multiplayer game will be available on Sept. 27 with two exclusive characters on the roster.

And finally, if you're tired of all these retro-inspired, pixelated, cutesy platformers and adventure games, how about a hardcore RPG experience? Wasteland 2: Director's Cut brings one of the most popular and successful Kickstarter games to the Switch in early 2019.

This game hearkens back to the older days of PC RPGs, times like the original Wastelands, Fallout, and Baldur's Gate, when dialogue and decision making were just as important to the core experience as combat.

And, of course. We can't forget about Undertale, my favorite game to get an announcement. The cult sensation will be available on Sept. 18, so give it a try and see what you're missing out on.

Plenty of other announcements too, but these are the biggest. Check out the full presentation below for more.