There it is. There’s one of the games I Kickstarted forever ago, rearing its head and reminding the world that, yes, it still exists. Hyper Light Drifter looks absolutely stunning in the new trailer.

Even better, it now has a release window. Hyper Light Drifter will be out in the Spring of 2016. It’s hitting PC and Mac platforms first, then it’ll be on consoles quickly after.

Developer Alex Preston talked about why it had to reach for 2016 instead of dropping in 2015 in a update that accompanied the clip and window. I’m giving you the whole thing in its entirety, because even it’s going a long way to excite me.

The game is rapidly nearing content completion. There’s balancing to be done with the economy/collectables, vital playtesting remains for specific regions and bosses, further cleanup for levels and remaining temp assets, some music to be composed, and bugs to be fixed. Each of these components are being worked on in-tandem, and each requires a healthy amount of time to bring to a satisfying, polished conclusion.

Games take a lot out of us. We’ve been working full-blast for almost two years, and the team as a whole needs to continue to steadily pace ourselves, instead of crunching; pushing any harder would burn us out, leading to a negative outcome. My own physical condition has been growing worse (as is expected), leaving me unable to do as much until I have the necessary heart procedure performed. This means pacing, resting, recovering, and getting treatment even when I have much to do.

We see how close we are, and how exciting it is to finally peek at the end of the tunnel. We are on budget, well paced, within our means, and more excited than ever.

The music, the look, the pacing, the confidence. All of those line up for something that could be really special. We actually interviewed Preston back during the campaign itself for this game. You can read that piece here.