When Hyper Light Drifter launched for the PC, it played at 30fps. A gorgeous 30fps, mind you, but that’s a frame rate some gamers are frustrated with, especially on the PC platform.

Back when it launched, developer Heart Machine recognized the 30fps mark and said that it would take a ton of work to get the game running at 60fps. Flash forward to right now, roughly six months since the game’s initial release, and Hyper Light Drifter can be played at 60fps on the PC.

The patch just went up, and the option to toggle to 60fps sits in the game’s menu. YouTuber rafazgz93 recorded some footage of the game running at 60fps.

Was this as hard as Heart Machine said it would be? Yes, I’d say it was. According to the Steam Update that announced the news, this took moving through well over 100,000 lines of code to pull off.

This conversion was indeed a massive task to undertake: we worked through over 115 thousand lines of code the past several months in order to make this happen, manually changing timings of each object and enemy, fixing the dozens upon dozens of little problems that arose when changing frame timing, optimizing the game and testing the bits out of it internally.

The patch also brings in an unlockable Boss Rush mode and a mode meant for “folks looking for a less intense challenge.”

The patch is in beta form. Here’s how you get it.

To opt in right now:
1) Right click on Hyper Light Drifter in your Steam Library
2) Click on “Properties”
3) Click on the “BETAS” tab
4) Click the drop down menu and select “next_update” 5) Click the “close” button and your game should start updating immediately

If you don’t have Hyper Light Drifter but own a capable PC, Mac or Linux machine, it’s on sale right now for $13.99. That’s 33% off the standard price. It’s an amazing game, and I’ll be giving it another go thanks to this new frame rate.