Hyper Dragon Ball Z has been around for quite some time. I remember posting about it way back in 2014, and in all that time, the developers finally wrapped up production. The game is available now to download absolutely free.

I suggest you download it quickly, too, because there has been no shortage of popular fan-games being taken down in recent years. Bandai Namco hasn’t made any high-profile removals yet, but considering this game overshines any other Dragon Ball Z games that it published, it’s best not to assume that it will be around forever.

The best Dragon Ball game ever developed?

Hyper Dragon Ball Z is notable because of its beautiful and original sprites that absolutely destroy anything that has ever been published through official channels. The developers also rip sound effects and voice clips straight from the show, meaning that behind all the blazing 2D action, your ears will also be treated to the genuine noises of a Dragon Ball Z episode.

The popular Mugen-fighting engine powers the game, and the developers spent all this time tweaking the basic gameplay inputs and balancing out every fighter. This means that not only is it a good looking game, it’s a technical fighter as well.

Check out the launch trailer, and then download the game before it’s too late.