Alright, fans of Tom Clancy games, here’s a Humble Bundle you might dig. The Humble Tom Clancy Bundle has been announced, and it features the likes of Splinter CellRainbow Six and Ghost Recon in pay-what-you-want tiers.

The sale will go for two weeks, and more titles will be added as time goes on. The games offered are broken into tiers of pay. Here are the titles.

Pay whatever you want to get Rainbow SixRainbow Six 3 Gold EditionRainbow Six VegasSplinter Cell: Chaos TheoryGhost ReconRainbow Six Siege‘s multiplayer beta.

If you beat the average amount paid (which is currently $8.12), you’ll get Rainbow Six Vegas 2Splinter Cell: ConvictionSplinter Cell and more games to be unlocked over time.

Pay more than $10 and you’ll get Splinter Cell: Blacklist and Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.

Finally, if you pay more than $75, you’ll pre-order Rainbow Six Siege, get a Rainbow Six Siege T-Shirt and a coupon for 66% off of three Ubisoft titles in the Humble Store.

Now, here’s the catch (of course there’s a catch). These games all require Uplay. Hope that doesn’t sting too much, friends.