Let's start with the good, shall we?

Right now you can go to HumbleBundle.com and pay whatever you want (as long as it's more than $1) for four fantastic THQ games and a little more. Those games are Darksiders, Metro 2033, Red Faction: Armageddon and Company of Heroes with two of its expansions. Beat the average price spent at your purchase and you'll score Saints Row: The Third.

The games will only work on Windows machines and require the Steam client. For the most part, we're looking at great news for gamers and THQ. THQ, of course, is in major, major, major financial trouble right now. This appearance on The Humble Bundle might actually salvage their company a little. Gamers who take advantage of the deal will score a load of awesome games. Saints Row: The Third and Company of Heroes are both particularly astounding.

The extra good news is that, like all Humble Bundles, you have the choice to give some of your money spent to charity. The charities this time around are the American Red Cross and Child's Play.

The bad news? This move has really changed my opinion of the folks at Humble Bundle.

See, Humble Bundle used to be about promoting indie and lesser known games. Previous bundles made money for developers who were just starting out. Paying for the bundles meant not only scoring some unique and lesser-known games, but supporting the whole idea of independent games creation. In an industry where so much is done incorrectly for the AAA market, paying into the Humble Bundle meant saying, "hey, we can do this better."

With THQ's games for sale on their service, the Humble Bundle brand is no longer synonymous with supporting indie gaming. That's disconcerting.

The Humble Bundle folks will likely offer another bundle of indie stylings down the line, and I certainly think THQ's decision to list their games with this service is a good one; but, there's just something wrong with the marriage of these two companies.

Where do you folks stand?