I haven’t been so big on cleaning out entire Humble Bundles recently, but here is one that I’m pretty sure I’ll buy at the top tier. Activision is the company with the spotlight, using the Sierra name to sell some of the best classic point-and-click adventures of all time.

Even if you drop $1, you’re still getting an astronomical bargain. The entire Space Quest series is available at this bottom tier, and killing off protagonist Roger Wilco is one of the genre’s most popular pastimes. It is joined by the entire Police Quest series, the Phantasmagoria games, and a more modern game called Shiftlings.

Still, the entire Space Quest series for a dollar isn’t so bad.

The average price tier, currently siting at $11.48, is where this really starts to get real. Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magicka Obscura is just a fabulous PC RPG. It’s one of the most popular among the genre’s fans and able to stand alongside legends like Baldur’s Gate. Graphic adventures at this tier include the entire Gabriel Knight and Quest for Glory series, two more of Sierra’s most iconic work.

Someone slipped Time Shift in there for some reason, too.

And then we come to the $15 tier, which holds the entire  King’s Quest series, so that’s a bargain in itself when taken off the top of the recent release on Steam. The series is joined by a few modern action hits including Geometry Wars 3 and Velocity 2X, both really fun games. I’ve never played the Caesar games, so I can’t help you there.

When taken at a dollar value, $1 alone nabs you 11 games. The $15 tier takes it all the way up to 32, and these are challenging enough to last you a long time. Great deal, and I suggest you look into it.