Now that we've seen so many Humble Indie Bundles, I suppose I can skip out on all the formal set up for our regular readers. If you know what the Humble Indie Bundle program is, just go ahead and skip the next paragraph. I didn't write it for you anyways.

Listen up, newbie! You want games? You want games on the cheap? You like supporting independent developers!? You like donating money to fine charities!?! Boom! Here's the Humble Indie Bundle. Pay whatever you want for the games they've packaged for selling. Buy them once, download them again and again on the PC, Mac and Linux platforms in your home. Then, feel good about yourself for at least 10 minutes.

The games offered up in this bundle are Torchlight, Rochard, Vessel and Shatter. If you spend more on the bundle than the average amount spent at your time of purchase, you'll also score a copy of Dustforce.

As Humble Indie Bundles go, this is one of the best so far. Be a good sport and hit the link below in order to look into buying it for yourself.