Humble Bundle has a strong offering of future indie classics available for the next two weeks. It’s one of those indie bundles where it’s hard to find a standout because every game is just as fun as the one before it.

Instead of pulling out a favorite, we’ll just go in the Humble Bundle’s order. Guacamelee was one of last year’s most popular indie hits, blending Mexican Luchadore brawling with the exploration reserved for the Metroid-style games. You can check out our thoughts on it, and believe us when we says that this is easily worth the average price alone.

Following it up is Dust: An Elysian Tale, a gorgeous hack ‘n slash which plays more akin to the Devil May Crys and Ninja Gaidens of the world. Made by a one man development team, this is easily one of the biggest artistic achievements in the history of indie gaming. Too bad it was never really popular, but now is the chance to give it some recognition.

The two other base price games are Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, a old Super Mario Bros. clone getting a long overdue reboot, and The Swapper, a solid puzzle platformer with a gun that allows instant transportation of matter, including the user himself.

Paying more than the average price is Antichamber, a first-person reality bending game I am unfamiliar with, and Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine, a wonderful top-down heist game with a far brighter and more fun aesthetic than other games it might channel, like Payday and Hotline Miami.

As always, more games are set to be revealed at the halfway point, and the game’s soundtracks also go with the games. Pay what you like for all six of these mini hits and split the price up between charity, the developers, and Humble Bundle itself.