Last week's Humble Bundle, which was aimed at raising money for three very important charities in the United States, proved to be a huge success. Through it, gamers managed to send $6.5 million to the ACLU, MSF (Doctors Without Borders), and the IRC (International Rescue Committee) and pick up a load of wonderful games as well, including Stardew Valley, Day of the Tentacle Remastered, and Super Meat Boy.

Humble founder Jeffrey Rosen issued a statement through Polygon and discussed the meaning of this huge success.

The Humble Freedom Bundle was a joint idea from our employees and a number of game developers, including Double Fine and Wolfire Games. As we started to contact game developers about the idea, it was clear that this bundle was very important to many people and something that needed to happen. We humbly united lots of people with similar feelings. We decided to donate $300,000 of our own funds when we saw the magnitude of games that developers were donating. Every team at Humble Bundle worked tirelessly to put this together in less than a week.

There are so many good non-profits to choose from and we regret not including them all, but we chose the following for the following reasons:

ACLU: Our employees, our business partners and our millions of customers come from all around the world. We stand together in dismay over Trump's recent immigration ban. We find it to be un-American and damaging to global businesses like ours. The ACLU were among the first to challenge the travel ban. They are tireless in their fight for our freedom, and we know the biggest legal battles are yet to come.

Doctors Without Borders: Our country enjoys the benefits and luxuries of modern technology, and most of us can take our basic needs for granted. Many parts of the world are so torn by violence and conflict that people lack access to food, safety, and medical attention. If upheld, Trump's travel ban prevents millions of people from fleeing war zones and seeking refuge in the United States. We support Doctors Without Borders to directly offer critical care to those in need.

International Rescue Committee: Conflicts around the world have forced people out of their homes with no clear path to safety or a new life. Refugees are directly affected by the travel ban and are the most acutely in need of help. We want to offer brighter futures to those in need by supporting the International Rescue Committee.

$30 went a long way after all

Even if you already own most of the games, which I'm sure many buyers did, the $30 it cost to buy the bundle will go a long way.