A brand new Humble Bundle has launched, and it collects games for those who enjoy the survival genre, plus something a little different.

Sure, there’s Rust, the current obsession from the Early Access world that some are clamoring about. Then there’s the dice rolling-based Tharsis, a title that’s brutally difficult yet feels absolutely nothing like Rust. Are we even sure they should be in the same bundle?

Who cares!

Here’s how the deal breaks down in the standard Humble Bundle tiers. The average price was $5.28 at the time I drafted this story, so that could fluctuate a bit.

Pay what you want!

  • Tharsis
  • Savage Lands (Early Access)
  • Kholat

Pay more than the average of $5.28 to also unlock!

  • Space Engineers (Early Access)
  • Rust (Early Access)
  • Shelter 2

Pay $14 or more to also unlock!

  • Planetbase

This Bundle expires in just shy of two weeks. It looks like a popular one, though, as the Bundle has already been sold more than 100,000 times.