Humble Bundle just crossed a massive benchmark. The group announced today by email and YouTube that they've officially raised and donated $50 million to charities around the world.

The act of actually donating money as a user of Humble Bundle is a rather disconnected concept. With most transactions on the site, you'll set your price and slide the sliders about in order to dictate how much goes where. After that, you get your games and your money moves away from you virtually.

So, it's nice to see a quick summary of where the money actually goes. The $50,000,000 Humble Bundle has raised so far has gone to 50 unique charities. Those charities might bring water to those who normally couldn't get it, provide protection for wildlife, enable disabled gamers and fight for rights in the online world.

Humble Bundle's only been a thing for four years now. To see that they've raised and donated so much money on the international stage is sort of astounding, isn't it?