Hulu new player - 640

Hulu announced today that it is making some updates to the Web version of its player to make it a little bit more user friendly.

We got a very brief note from Hulu this morning that they’ve made some much needed improvements to the Web video player.  For starters, the image area has grown by 55%, a very welcome change from the previous crowded looking player.  They’ve additionally put a new frame around it with a drop shadow and gray background for easier viewing.  All of the details about the video you are watching will now be found below the video as opposed to surrounding the edges as they were in the past.

While all minor tweaks, we can already see a noticeable difference in how much easier on the eyes it is.  We tested it out, and although the sample image they sent that you see above says Hulu Plus, it does also apply to the standard Hulu watchers who don’t pay the monthly fee.