Morgan SpurlockIt seems that Hulu wants in on the original content game for itself.  Despite the fact that the streaming media service is currently up for sale, it looks like they are still in the mood to strike some content deals, and that includes signing a deal with a well known documentary filmmaker for an original series.

It was announced yesterday that beginning Aug. 17th, Hulu would be running an original series entitled A Day in the Life from filmmaker Morgan Spurlock.  Most famously known for his documentary Super-Size Me, Mr. Spurlock also had some success with a television series entitled 30 Days, and a few more films.

In this new series, Spurlock will follow famous people for one day, and then trim it down to 30 minutes to give you some idea of what their day is like.  The new series will debut on Wednesday Aug. 17th on Hulu with additional new episode premiered each following Wednesday for the six episode first season.  Of particular note, the subject of the first episode is Richard Branson, the man behind all of the Virgin branded companies.

While this particular series may not be for everyone, there is a definite trend of more original long form content coming to the Web.  From House of Cards coming to Netflix Watch Instantly in the near future, and two canceled ABC soap operas coming to the Web as well, it seems that people are starting to view the idea of placing their original content online as a more and more viable idea.

This is obviously a concept that is still in its infancy, but it has certainly been a long time in coming.  With bigger names starting to attach themselves to Web-only productions, it is certain that Hollywood as a whole will begin to pay more attention.  And it’s rather odd to see other people embracing the Web while a network like Fox seems determined to annoy everyone who enjoys their content online.  It seems someone needs to send them a memo.

What do you think about more original content coming to the Internet for distribution?