Hulu and Spotify are together. The companies haven’t merged, but they are bundling their services in a packaged deal that’s a little more affordable than if you purchased them separately. Both services are being paired for $12.99 per month.

The two companies have already been offering this bundle. It was just limited to students, though. Hulu and Spotify are now widening availability after seeing “outstanding performance” since it launched. Everyone can now get access to Hulu’s massive library of TV shows and movies in addition to unlimited music streaming from Spotify.

Spotify’s participation includes a Premium membership. That means there aren’t any ads messing with your tunes. Hulu, meanwhile, will still include ads for commercial breaks while streaming. Regardless, this is an incredible deal for anyone who’s interested in either service.

The monthly bill is merged, too. You’re not getting a bill from Hulu and another from Spotify. Each month, you’ll receive a single bill with the price attached. Just pay that so you can continue watching stuff on any device or listening to music anywhere through two of the best entertainment services around.

If you’re an existing Spotify Premium subscriber, you have a special offer up for grabs. You can get the bundle with access to Hulu for $1 for three months before the regular price kicks in. Hulu and Spotify didn’t say how long that deal is live for.

Anyone who decides to pick up Hulu and Spotify as a bundle will save $5 per month. Normally, Hulu with limited commercials is $7.99 per month and Spotify Premium is $9.99 per month. Together, you’ll save money but still get the same experience.

Spotify has a sign-up page live; however, the bundle won’t be available to absolutely everyone until the summer. Hulu and Spotify are going to let in select customers before opening the gates.