Hulu launched its live TV service back in May with a redesigned app that looked fantastic, but had functionality issues. Many users voiced their concerns about the service’s usability and Hulu is slowly acquiescing, with the latest update being a new channel guide that makes browsing a lot easier.

In a blogpost, Hulu announced the introduction of a channel guide for its Live TV service that had been missing from the early redesigned app. The new guide makes it easier than ever to search for specific channels in a neat and structured list.

One of the main criticisms of the redesigned Hulu app has been that although it looks very modern, it wasn’t very useful to quickly browse through channels on the fly. The channel guide already exists in DirecTV Now and YouTube TV. Hulu is just playing catch up at this point, but it’s a welcom addition nonetheless.

With the channel guide, users can access it during playback through the guide icon on the lower left corner. Users will be able to scroll through the guide in alphabetical order to see the programming of a specific channel. There is also a filter to search for specific topics, like sports, news or kids programming.

The new channel guide is rolling out to web users only. App users on mobile, tablets and set top boxes will have to wait a while more to get the feature.