The biggest week of the year for gaming kicks off in less than two weeks but industry insiders can’t keep a secret.  While Hulu was seemingly eyeing up the iPad to kick off the first instance of its subscription model, it seems the focus is about to shift to the Xbox and the upcoming Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3).

GearLive has it on good authority from a source “who has never been wrong before” that Microsoft will announce a partnership with Hulu for Xbox Live at E3 this month.  Purportedly the service will integrate in the Xbox 360 Dashboard the same way as Netflix.  The source offers no further details on how the subscription will work (through Hulu/Microsoft Points) or how much of Hulu’s catalog will be available but chances are we’ll find out during Microsoft’s keynote on June 14th.


Like Netflix, it’s likely we’ll see Hulu eventually expand their subscription model to the Playstation 3 and beyond.  It’s about time Hulu made its way to the TV, even if they want cash up front.  How much would you pay for Hulu access in Xbox Live?  Any PS3 owners want the service to head their way?  Let us know if you’re interested in the comments.