If you have a Hulu Plus subscription and an Apple TV, then here's a bit of good news: The company just made your online TV-watching life a little easier with new content categories, a new rotating carousel of "Shows You Watch" and one-touch playback.

Hit up one of the new categories — TV, Movies, Kids or Latino — up in the top navigation area, and you can check out new and existing titles. Not interested in new programming? Then stick to the stuff you already know and love with the "Shows You Watch" tray, which lets users resume from where they left off in a series or stay on top of the latest episodes for their favorite shows.

And if you've always bemoaned all the clicking it takes just to hit up the most recent episode, then take note of Hulu's new ninja tip: When you find a show you want to watch, just tap the "Play" button, and the latest installment will immediately start playing. (Neat, huh?) And if you discover you need captions during playback, just push and hold the "Select" button to call up Subtitles and Audio options.

The app requires the latest Apple TV firmware — available at Settings => General => Update Software — as well as a Hulu Plus account. If you already subscribe and have the updated firmware, then you can download and use the app right now. (Note: You may need to register the account on your device, if you haven't already.) If you haven't subscribed, you can do it either online by going to and then logging in on your device, or within Apple TV via your iTunes account.

What do you think of these changes? Do you have other feature requests for Hulu's Apple TV app? Weigh in below.