Hulu on Thursday officially unveiled account profiles, a feature that makes sharing an account a more pleasant experience.

The point of profiles is to give individual users a more personalized experience—something that’s hard to get when multiple people use a single account.

Hulu explains how the feature works:

When a viewer creates a profile, they will be taken through a taste picking experience where they will be able to tell us the types of shows and movies they like, and the types of shows and movies they don’t like. This will help us ensure that each profile surfaces recommendations and content that is distinctly personal to each viewer. If you tell us you love medical dramas and horror movies, we’ll make sure you see those genres of programs in your recommended content.

Different profiles will have their own personal info, viewing history, and more. Hulu said there’s also a new Kids profile type, which is designed to show younger audiences suitable content. Account holders can create, edit, and delete profiles from the Hulu app or online.


Netflix has had this feature for a while

The profiles feature is available beginning today through but should be available to the “most popular Hulu devices” over the next few weeks.

Netflix has offered this feature for a while now, so this isn’t anything earth-shattering from Hulu. However, it’s nice to finally see the feature available to its over 12 million subscribers.