Note there are possible spoilers ahead

The last time we saw Bruce Banner’s Hulk, he was flying off in the Quinjet for fear he might hurt his pals. After all, he almost single-handedly wrecked en entire city after going on a rage-filled rampage.

While there was a suggestion he may have crash-landed somewhere on Earth, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

According to ScreenRant, when Hulk goes flying off in the Quinjet, he escapes the Earth’s atmosphere and is conveniently gobbled up by a wormhole, where—you guessed it—he’s dumped on Sakaar, otherwise known as the “landfill of the universe.”

Sakaar just so happens to be where Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster resides, who gleefully forces vagrants to fight for his amusement. When the Grandmaster comes across the Hulk, he becomes the Grandmaster’s most favored gladiator and a bit of a celebrity thanks to his prowess as a brawler.

Then, as the trailers have shown, Thor comes to town, and everything changes. Even in his Hulk form, he’s able to recognize and interact with Thor, hinting that his more primitive form still allows Banner to come through.

Speaking of which, ScreenRant says when we see Hulk on Sakaar, he’ll have been in his Hulk form for two years. How that will ultimately affect Banner’s psyche remains to be seen, but what the trailers have shown that we will see him go back to being regular Banner at some point.

So, out of all the planets in the known universe, Thor and Hulk somehow end up on the same one. That’s a little too convenient, but if it means we can see the two together again, then I’m totally onboard.

Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters on November 3.