Hugo Barra

Google's former Android vice president Hugo Barra recently left the company for an Android smartphone named called Xiaomi. At the time, there was some controversy as to why he left Google, though we won't get into that here. What really matters is the true story, which Barra recently explained to AllThingsD.

Barra said that he's now in charge of making Xiaomi a global name, and that he had planned to leave Google for a long time. In other words, he didn't leave Google because of the controversy that developed around the time that he ended up departing, despite what was revealed in the press at the same time. He had met Xiaomi's president and, over the course of many years, the two became closer, Barra began lightly consulting on Xiaomi's products, and was eventually offered a gig.

Barra said he ultimately made the decision because it sounded like a "dream job" and gave him a chance to move to Asia for work. He said it was a "once in a lifetime" opportunity that he didn't want to pass up. So, while we're sad to see one of the most common faces at Google depart, we're glad he's taking his talent to a company that's going to put it to its full potential.

As for Xiaomi in the U.S.? Well, most consumers don't know about the brand name right now. That will be Barra's job, and when we do eventually start to hear it as a household name, we'll know who made it possible.