Earlier this week Spotify announced a richer experience that’s going to be available to Spotify Premium customers. That includes video clips from popular TV channels such as Comedy Central, ABC and ESPN, among others, podcasts, a new Spotify Running feature and more.

Spotify didn’t really show what it’s going to look like on mobile, save for a few screens, but 9to5Mac published a bunch of shots that provide much more detail.

Podcasts appear to fall under “audio and video shows,” where you’ll be able to stream content. Spotify Running, as we already know, will provide workout music based on the tempo of your movements, and we see what the UI will look like for music that’s recommended based on the time of day. It looks like a similar experience to what Spotify already offers, though a bit cleaner and with all of the new features baked in.

Spotify didn’t say when the new mobile apps will be available, so we’ll keep an eye out for the release and let you know when it hits.