Destiny Review Screenshots - 22

Someone's a huge jerk. We're not exactly sure who, though.

Recently, 11-year-old gamer Henry Kramer was streaming a session of Bungie's Destiny over Twitch and had been told of a glitch that would allow him to level his characters faster. Unfortunately for Henry, someone was messing with him.

The 5th grader gave control of his game via PlayStation 4 SharePlay to a user he'd believed was a friend to exploit the glitch only to watch as the person now in control deleted his characters one after another – including a character that was close to Destiny's current level cap.

The user in question had apparently been playing Destiny with Henry for some time and had earned his trust before executing this excruciating maneuver.

Game Informer interviewed the troll, PSN user KirmitTHEfrog, though, and the user in question wasn't in control of the game when it happened, according to his mother:

At the beginning of November, [the account owner] was hit by another driver head-on; the next couple of months he spent time recouping and finally returning to work where he spends a great deal of time to make up for lost wages and bills that piled up," his mother told me Game Informer. "Gaming was not on his mind. We were not aware as people stopped by to visit him to see how he was doing that anyone was, as he says, 'messing with his gaming account.' His playstation was sitting there, kids played games, others watched movies; no one assumed one of them was 'having a good time' at my son's expense. And perhaps no one would have known if it did not horribly go viral."

Whether it was the account owner or not, Henry's characters are gone. In the video, you can even hear Henry audibly crying. Because making 11-year-old kids cry is a fun pastime.

Bungie says they aren't able to do anything to restore Henry's characters or to take action against the user in question, as everything that happened was done with explicit permission granted by the SharePlay session. No one was hacked, no computers were accessed without authorization. Bungie explicitly addresses the risks of SharePlay on their FAQ, saying that using the service can "result in dire consequences," and that Bungie cannot recover deleted content.

Whether KirmitTHEfrog's account owner was in control or not, Henry still gets to deal with the aftermath of it.

He's already building new characters back up and told Eurogamer that his friends have been helping him out. Bungie staff have even been messaging Henry, offering to help him level.

"I actually completed Crota's End on hard mode and got the Word of Crota," he said.

As for KirmitTHEfrog, other Destiny players are calling for a ban and trying to offer up items to help Henry out (though this, too, is prohibited by Bungie). The anonymity of the whole thing makes it tough to tell exactly what happened, but whether it was Kirmit or someone else, it's unlikely much can be done.