Google on Monday announced that it's making major new changes to Google+ and how it works across various other Google properties and the Web. It said that, when it started Google+, its primary goal was to connect people but that, ultimately, it has found that it needs to "rethink" how Google+ works.

That started with Google's recent shift to move Google Photos out of Google+ Photos. Google said it will soon move location sharing into "Hangouts and other apps,. where it really belongs," and outside of Google+. One of the biggest changes, however, comes with a user's profile and how it's used across the Web, like on YouTube.

"In the coming months, a Google Account will be all you need to share content, communicate with contacts, create a YouTube channel and more, all across Google," Google vice president of Streams, Photos, and Sharing Bradley Horowitz said. "YouTube will be one of the first products to make this change." Horowitz said Google will make it easier for folks that have Google+, but don't use the service, to delete their public profiles.

While YouTube will use Google+ for comments, they won't also appear on Google+, which is a welcome change. That will start to roll out today, YouTube said, noting that creators will soon be able to review comments before they're posted, block words, auto-approve from trusted accounts and more. Additionally, as Horowitz said, you won't need a Google+ account to comment on YouTube in the coming months.

Google warns not to delete your Google+ profile now, however, or you'll delete your entire YouTube channel.