Nintendo has released the details of its next major overhaul to Fire Emblem Heroes. This latest update adds a laundry list of adjustments, including new elements to battle, methods of passing on abilities, and a new way to score those elusive Hero Feathers.

See all of the updates below:

  • Inherit Skill: When merging duplicate allies, the disposed hero will pass on all of their skills to the hero that’s receiving the boost.
  • Hero Merit: Heroes that take part in battles will earn Hero Merit and, once enough Hero Merit is accrued, this can be used to acquire Hero Feathers.
  • New Combat Rules: Two new rule sets are coming: Defense—which will see you defending against enemy attacks for a certain number of turns—and Reinforcements—which will see enemy reinforcements appearing on the map as the battle goes on.
  • Adjustments to Arena Scores and Matchmaking: Matchmaking will now be based on four values: character levels and star ratings, number of bonuses gained by using Merge Allies, total base stats after removing all skills, and equipped skills. Also, awarded scores will be slightly raised for all difficulty.
  • Bonus Hero Descriptions: If you tap on a Bonus Hero in the arena, a description for them will appear
  • Notification Display Adjustments: Notifications will now only display automatically once per day
  • New Ways to Expand Hero Abilities: A new, secret item will be introduced which will slightly expand abilities. More details to come.

Nintendo is in this free-to-play business for the long haul

There is only one reason why Nintendo would continue to update this game, and that’s because it is making lots of money. New characters have been slowly trickling out since launch, and this major overhaul to a few of the game’s main systems shows Nintendo is listening, learning, and adding to the product that it has made to please fans and gain new ones. Like Pokémon GO, it wants this game to evolve and adapt to the criticisms around it, so it can continuing making that same amount of money.

I mean, just look at all of the updates Super Mario Run has gotten… Exactly…

It’s been a while since I’ve played Fire Emblem Heroes, mostly because Terra Battle is still taking up all of my free-to-play game time. I might get back into it one day if it becomes a full-fledged experience I can enjoy from start to end. It’s still a work in progress now, and yeah, Terra Battle’s strategy blows it out of the water. That’s because Terra Battle has a two-year head start.

Give Fire Emblem Heroes some time, it will get there if Nintendo lets it.