I am very stingy when it comes to buying apps for my familiy’s iOS devices. Generally, I think most apps are overpriced and feel that 99 cents is the magic number when it comes to most consumers. At this price point I don’t even think twice about purchasing an app that may be of interest to me, if I don’t like it, heck. I only spent a buck. I’m even hesitant to buy apps I know I would like when the price tag goes north of $1.99, which has been the case with most EA applications.

If you feel the same way, you will want to jump on this deal as soon as possible. EA Mobile has discounted nearly every iOS game to just 99 cents, including popular sports titles like Madden NFL ’11, FIFA ’11 and Tiger Woods PGA Tour. This sale represents savings of up to 90 percent, as someeaiphone580pximgheader titles normally sell for as high as $9.99.

Many have asked why EA would offer such a deep discount of highly popular games, especially this time of year. The theory is that EA is discounting their titles just before Christmas in order to gain rank among the “top apps” listings in the App Store. Once accomplished, or just before Christmas, whichever comes first, the prices will revert back to their normal levels. When people receive an iOS device as a gift, they immediately go to the app store to download some cool apps, and whose apps are front and center in the “top” lists? EA Games. Marketing brilliance!  Existing iOS owners get a great deal, EA gets great rankings in the App Store and new iOS device owners are none the wiser.

According to EA, the sale will run for “a limited time” and when asked for a specific date the company would not clarify. These prices may end today, tomorrow, Christmas day or somewhere in between, no one really knows. So if you’re the least bit interested, grab these games now while they’re still cheap and save some hard earned cash.

What EA games are your favorites? Let us know what games you download for the bargain basement price of 99 cents. I personally grabbed Madden NFL ’11 and Scrabble.