A new report on Monday discussed major software updates that Apple apparently has planned for the Apple Watch and Apple TV. The software could be introduced as soon as Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) in early June.

9to5Mac said Apple is working on building several new features into the Apple Watch, including one that might let you track the watch if it’s misplaced, or alert you if you’ve traveled too far from your iPhone.

Additionally, Apple may soon allow third party applications to tap into parts of Apple Watch faces. Currently, one can change an aspect of the watch face to show the date, exercise activity, time, moon phase and more, but 9to5Mac says in the future apps such as Twitter might be able to provide information in these so-called “Complications” sections of the watch face. Additional health monitoring features are also in the works, though some may require new hardware.

Apple is also expected to announce “TVKit” soon, which will allow developers to create applications for the new Apple TV set-top box, which is also largely expected this year, or perhaps as soon as WWDC. 9to5Mac said that, in addition to Siri support and a new remote, which may feature a touch pad, the Apple TV will interact with the Apple Watch in some fashion.

All very interesting stuff, and we have just a few more weeks until we learn more.